These 3 Women Really Get It!

These 3 women ‘get it’! They ‘get’ life, they ‘get’ business, they ‘get’ relationships, they ‘get’ their own strengths and they definitely ‘get’ the importance of women supporting women.

Its Time For You To Get A Grip!

I've written a fair bit over at Advancing Women about the scourge of being busy. Being constantly busy, on the go and running on the hamster wheel is inherent with risk for women. Here's why. Being busy distracts us from focussing on what's really important.....yourself!

Why Women Don’t Step Into The Limelight (and how they can!)

This post first appeared on Advancing Women Do you wonder why women don’t get out there and promote their achievements more? Do you wonder why there are so many books about how women can be more  confident? Do you wonder why women keep their accomplishments to themselves and as a result, play small? Often its …