How To Get A Killer LinkedIn Profile

I became a corporate escapee in November 2016. I chose to make the announcement on LinkedIn. That post received over 32,000 views. Holy Moley! I don’t write this to self-promote or stroke my own ego….I write this because it’s evidence that the persistent approach I have taken over the last decade to build a LinkedIn profile that …

Why I’m Planning For Women to be the Big Winners in 2017

WWGI: Women Who It by Michelle Redfern

As I head into final planning, tweaking (& stressing!) mode before my next event, I am struck by the generosity of the women in my network. There is abundance in the air! 

If It’s To Be, It’s Up To Me!

Read about how "If it’s to be its up to me" are words that guide me and the reason why I founded a strategic networking group for fabulous, flawesome, feisty females of likemind called “Women Who Get It!”