Wow! WWGI Wonder Women!

WWGI Wonder Women

WWGI events are designed by women, run by women, supplied by women, for women. WWGI women ARE Wonder Women! I am so excited to be designing & delivering another special event for lots more wonder women to learn, connect and advance. 

How To Get A Killer LinkedIn Profile

I became a corporate escapee in November 2016. I chose to make the announcement on LinkedIn. That post received over 32,000 views. Holy Moley! I don’t write this to self-promote or stroke my own ego….I write this because it’s evidence that the persistent approach I have taken over the last decade to build a LinkedIn profile that …

Why I’m Planning For Women to be the Big Winners in 2017

WWGI: Women Who It by Michelle Redfern

As I head into final planning, tweaking (& stressing!) mode before my next event, I am struck by the generosity of the women in my network. There is abundance in the air!