It’s Time to Stop Admiring the Problem. Here is How.

I want to show you how to stop admiring the problem of too few women in leadership and start doing something about it. Best thing is, I’m going to do this in combination with some some drinks, canapes and terrific business networking!

I’m gathering people from business, sport, politics and beyond together at the next Advancing Women  & WWGI Event:

The Importance of Celebrating Women

How to create a workplace culture that attracts, engages and celebrates women.

I do love putting together a good event that matters to women and men. The topic of more women in leadership, in politics, in sport and in the honours lists matters because we simply must address the leadership gender gap in Australia and fast. Our country and its long term prosperity and social fabric depends on it.

Stop Admiring The Problem!

I don’t subscribe to admiring the problem. So this is NOT an event that is going to discuss the poor representation of women in leadership across Australia. We are going to create solutions and answer your questions about how to create a workplace that works, for women and how to turbo charge your organisations focus on advancing more women into leadership.


This fun, inspiring and informative event will showcase WHY celebrating, honouring and advancing women is important – yes it’s the business case which to be honest, I didn’t think I’d still have to be talking about in 2019!


Four expert executives from politics, HR, sport, consulting and cultural diversity, will share their collective wisdom with you and answer all your questions about HOW to create inclusive workplaces. These “Fab Four”  will provide practical tips, tricks and tools so that all of us in politics, sport, business and society can take personal and collective action to more visibly and vocally celebrate, honour advance women.


Meet your experts:

Ruth McGowan profileRuth McGowan OAM

‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ inspires Ruth’s work in local government and gender equality.

Ten years ago, Ruth swapped a successful career as a government scientist to stand for her local (all-male) council. She knew that if she wanted to change politics for the better, it was up to her to run. Ruth was successful. At first, Ruth was the only female Councillor and following another successful campaign she was elected Mayor along with several other women.

Ruth didn’t stop there as she continues to advocate for greater gender balance in politics.  In 2019 she published Get Elected – a step-by-step campaign guide to winning public office.  A valuable and practical guide for women considering running the political race.

Ruth is also the cofounder of Honour a Woman, an enterprise that aims to create gender balance in honours and awards in Australia.

vicks pic

A couple of years ago, Vick Pillay was mowing the lawn and contemplating the future. He was wondering how his three young children would fare in Australian workplaces when the time came for them to join the workforce.

Vick wondered this because he and his family are culturally diverse. Indian heritage, South African born and now proudly Australian migrant, he knows that there are less than 2% of CALD women or women of colour in leadership in Australia.

That pondering led Vick and Div Pillay of MindTribes to ask me to join forces with them to solve the problem of so few CALD women at the top. That’s when our joint venture, CDW was born.

Vick will share his  experiences as a global leader, business owner and person of colour at “The Importance of Celebrating Women” my next important business networking event in Melbourne. He will provide us insights into how we can create workplaces that celebrate and advance ALL women.

jane hollman

Jane Hollman describes herself as an HR Geek who writes about sport. This description doesn’t completely portray the 20+ years Jane has spent leading HR functions for some of Australia’s most iconic institutions, Seek and the AFL included.

She’s worked all over the world, including in New York during the GFC and now specialises in working with executives to create and deliver world class workplace strategies.

Janes also written articles on women in sport for ESPN, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and others.

Janes global Executive HR experience, her passion for equality and for seeing women flourish  makes her a brilliant source of stories and expertise about how to create and sustain workplaces that work, for women.

AxriNVF8_400x400Peter Filopoulos is a proud Melburnian, a lover of the world game (Go the Matildas!!) and has been a very successful sports administration for more than 25 years. Peter is also a proud #ChangeOurGame Champion. The Change Our Game Champion initiative brings together influential leaders from the sport and active recreation sector to champion cultural change and generate leadership opportunities and experiences for women and girls.

The Change Our Game Champions group of male leaders from within the Victorian sport and active recreation industry. The role of a Champion is to influence change, not just within their organisation but sector wide by sharing information, resources and acting as a figurehead in driving positive change.

So if you have ever wanted to “pick the brain” of a CEO, Mayor, Managing Director or HR expert about how to improve the culture of your organisation, now is the time.

Where & When?

The event is hosted by the wonderful people at IRESS in their event space in the Melbourne CBD with spectacular views, and will be fully catered.

5pm, 11th July


Level 19, 385 Bourke St

Melbourne CBD

My professional networking events are places and spaces where women and men can learn, connect and advance! As well as have fun and a few laughs over drinks and canapés.

I am encouraging men to join the conversation at this event. Mixed gender ticket purchases are discounted.


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