Want to Celebrate Women? Here is how!

WWGI Events are open for business in 2019!

This post first appeared on Advancing Women 

I’m thrilled to announce that WWGI is putting on an event in Melbourne that will help women and men understand the importance of celebrating women and how do more of it.

The #CelebratingWomen Juggernaut

Dr Kirstin Ferguson started a movement called #CelebratingWomen a couple of years ago because she “was fed up with the vicious online abuse of women, so turned the tables and used social media to create the #CelebratingWomen campaign, profiling two women from anywhere in the world and every walk of life, every day for a year.”

Like many women and men at the time, I was truly inspired by this movement (and yes, I was one of the women – profile #59) and I watched how the power of women supporting women transpired in a public forum. It was a juggernaut and coined a phrase that I now quote often: “Forget sending down a ladder to help other women; throw out a bloody big net to bring many more up!”

#CelebratingWomen Dr Kirstin Ferguson

Honour a Woman

Three other women have started a movement called Honour a Woman. The Honour a Woman movement was founded to address the issue of men consistently receiving over 70% of all the Orders of Australia. Ruth McGowan OAM, Carol Kiernan and Dr Elizabeth Hartnell-Youngalong with their thousands of supporters around Australia, are working to achieve a goal of an equal number of women nominated and awarded honours by 2020.

Their approach is to support more people to nominate more women and to work to highlight and address the structural barriers within the management of the Australian honours nomination system that prevent the equal recognition of women. The women want to change the system “to address the gender and cultural barriers to delivering equality in the honours.”

Honour a Woman
HaW co-founders: Dr Elizabeth Hartnell-Young, Carol Kiernan, Ruth McGowan OAM

Events That Matter, to Women and Men!

I do love putting together a good event. So I have taken inspiration from these four women to create an event that highlights the importance of celebrating and honouring women. This fun, inspiring and informative event will showcase why celebrating and honouring women is important and importantly, provide practical tips, tricks and tools so that all of us in politics, sport, business and society can take personal and collective action to more visibly and vocally celebrate and honour more women. #moreactionlesstalk

My professional networking events are places and spaces where women and men can learn, connect and advance! As well as have fun and a few laughs over drinks and canapés.

The event is sponsored by the wonderful people at IRESS who will be hosting us in their event space the Melbourne CBD with spectacular views, and will be fully catered.

Note: I am encouraging men to join the conversation at this event. So tickets for a double ticket of mixed gender or for purchases of 10 tickets or more are discounted.

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