Its Time For You To Get A Grip!

I’ve written a fair bit over at Advancing Women about the scourge of being busy. Being constantly busy, on the go and running on the hamster wheel is inherent with risk for women. Here’s why. Being busy distracts us from focussing on what’s really important…..yourself!

Women often come to me when they are stuck at a crossroads, have no idea what they want anymore, have little to no direction in their career, are unfit, unhealthy and unhappy.

660e6d_9af270cb932f4d3ebfa511fe3f4157d7~mv2Eibhlin Fletcher knows all about this. She see’s people who have lost their mojo, their purpose and their sense of self. She see’s people who are stuck in the grind. That’s why she started Get a Grip of the Grind retreats. 4 days away (really away!) to get back in touch with your dreams and aspirations, find ways to break the grind cycle and to discover tools for a sustainable way to be the best version of yourself.

I’m sharing an article and reflections by Eibhlin after she ran a Get a Grip of the Grind retreat in May 2018. The article will give you some idea of what sort of breakthrough occurs in these wonderful weekends away.


IMG_7624I also recommend coming along to my WWGI Event on 13 September to hear more about Get a Grip of the Grind.  Simply by coming along means you are in the draw to win one of these weekends away, valued at nearly $3000. You’ll also have the opportunity to receive a 10% discount when you join the #WWGI Facebook Group.

Keep reading for more insights about Get a Grip, and don’t forget to book your tickets to the event here.

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Get a Grip of the Grind Retreat Reflections

This article was first published at Halpin Partnership. 
Our recent retreat got me thinking quite a lot about the conventional expectations of our lives today, and the way the grind sucks us in until we’re so far in we simply can’t see or feel our way out. 
Five people joined us in May.  

Their reasons were mixed but the common thread was ‘I’m stuck’ whether professionally or personally.  

Their compasses were broken and they had lost their direction, purpose and/or passion.  They were all, in one way or another, in search of a renewed sense of professional and/or personal self.

During the retreat, they reflected on their professional and personal lives to date and gleaned lessons.  They received independent insights on their energy drainers (physical, emotional, mental and purposeful); as well as what drives them to action, their underlying motivators.  During the time away, their conventional and grind-saturated mental constructs were challenged, both theoretically and physically.  Dissection and reflection of their respective behavioural profiles and experiencing some amazing outdoors adventures resulted in their bodies and brains being challenged. This was complemented by honest, wholesome cuisine, a cheeky wine or two and capped off by deep sleeps at night, restocking their energy for the next day.

I hear you ask, what changed for them during the 4 days?

Watch the video

  • One reconnected with her inner lion.  Since returning to ‘normality’ she has prioritized hiking, adventure and food with friends in her private life.  She has also recognised that her employer doesn’t align with her values and is actively managing that space too, her confidence and energy is infectious. 
  • Another participant realised that being a leader sometimes means you need others to help you through the tough patches you experience, rather than always trying to be the strong one.
  • One person had an epiphany that “the next step in my life is about nurturing relationships with all of the amazing people around me. I don’t need to be suspicious and guarded any more – a big step into the future!”, realising that relationships are key to her growing in her career as well as personally.
  • Another individual is realigning her business model to focus on connecting with people and companies who complement her values.  She is also committed to local mini adventures to feed her explorer spirit.
So if you feel lost, disconnected or lack focus professional or personally, we can guarantee this program will sufficiently provoke you to commit to your chosen direction and/or goals to Get a Grip. 

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