How Do These Women Win at Networking?

I’m curating another cracking WWGI professional networking event to help women learn how to network like a CEO so they can become the CEO, or become whatever they want to become!

This event, like all WWGI events, is designed for women in business.  Whether you work for a large corporate, a small business, run your own business or work in another sector, networking is a key business skill for all women to learn and utilise.

Hearing from other women who have nailed the networking game is a great way to learn  the tools, tips and techniques to get ahead. That’s why I’ve asked 3 powerhouse women in business to share their practical wisdom on the night.

Meet the Experts!

Here’s your expert panel of networkers, each from a different sector, with different skills, abilities, strengths and advice. Some of their

WWGI Meet the Experts Sep 18
Kerry Ashbrook is a Board Director & Entrepreneur. Kerry spent many years as an Executive as well, so knows that one of the keys to women being successful in business is a great network. 
Manami Ray  is a Finance & Risk Executive who believes in curating connections and the power of vulnerability. Both critical elements to a great networking game. 
Charlotte Blair is a Gallup Accredited Strengths Expert & Coach. Charlottes top strength is “WOO”, winning others over and she plays to her strengths when managing her business and her networking game. 

You’ll hear from these wonder women about how they’ve established and nurtured their networks, what a strong network means in the context of personal and professional brand as well as hear their advice about how to play a big networking game, online & face to face.

Want to Know More?

The link to the event is here which will give you all the information about the massive door prizes,  gift bags and other logistics.

For some more information on how to be a great networker, have a readHow Strong is :

Whats Wrong With What Women Are Taught About Networking? 

How Strong is Your Networking Game? 

I Hate Networking! 

I look forward to seeing you on the 13th September in Melbourne!

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