Why Should I be Using LinkedIn?

By Guest Contributor Bonnie Power. 

Many of the business owners and board of directors that I speak with don’t know what LinkedIn is, and aren’t sure how to use it – but it’s on their radar as one of the top priorities. Why? Because people are googling their name, and their LinkedIn profiles are showing up in the top 3 search results.

LinkedIn is the first place many of your prospective clients and people who’ve been recommended to contact you will go to – they’ll read your profile, look at your photo and then you’re headline.

If all that looks good, they’ll read your summary and glance down at the last few blog posts you’ve written. What they see, and the way they feel as a result of taking this 10 seconds out to check you out online could be the deciding factor as to how compelled they feel to contact you.

This post introduces you to LinkedIn, so you can start to become familiar with the potential it presents to you as a business owner or business leader, or board director:

LinkedIn is a networking site for business people, specialists, consultants, coaches and organisations to connect.

What’s the Purpose of Your LinkedIn Profile?

Your LinkedIn Profile should strengthen your Personal Brand.  So when someone Google’s your name, it will provide a positive influence for them to contact you about your services.

LinkedIn is Booming!

3 Interesting Facts:

1.Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in June of 2016 for $26.2 B

2.LinkedIn is now adding 2 new members every second

3.As of 2016, 7 million Australians are on LinkedIn

Interested to See How LinkedIn Can Help You?

On May 31 2018, Michelle Redfern and Bonnie Power are collaborating to bring Melbourne professional women another cracking WWGI networking event. This event is designed to help women manage LinkedIn so they can  advance their careers & businesses, by using the largest professional networking platform in the world.

Bookings Are Essential!



This post originally appeared on Perfect Boom



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