Why Women Need LinkedIn & How to Use It

I’m excited!

May is the month for WWGI events to finally liftoff in 2018. Yes, I know you’ve all been hanging out for another fun, fabulous, feisty female only event, so here it comes!

After a mini-break from WWGI events (so I could organise my wedding!) I’m designing a cracking event to once again help women in business to learn, connect and advance. This time, I’m focussing on how to help women better manage their LinkedIn profile and presence for maximum impact.

I know from my own work with professional women that up to 90% of Women are NOT using LinkedIn to it’s fullest potential. LinkedIn is the only professional networking platform (at present) and is the place where professional and business brand growth can accelerate. Given this, I want as many women as possible to start amplifying their voices, brand and profile by learning to use LinkedIn properly.

I’m delighted to have Bonnie Power, LinkedIn expert speaker and trainer as my very special co-host. Bonnie has been guiding leaders and organisations on how to use LinkedIn to power personal, professional and business growth for nearly a decade. She is well known and respected in the industry as someone who knows her stuff, is sensible and provides actionable insights from her training sessions.

Subscriber only discounted tickets are on sale now. To access these you must subscribe to Advancing Women so please click here.


WWGI Women Only Event

Why Women Need LinkedIn & How to Use It

Hosted by Michelle Redfern, founder Advancing Women & WWGI with very special Co-host, Bonnie Power, founder of Perfect Boom and leading LinkedIn speaker & trainer.

Time: 6pm – 9pm

Date: 31 May 2018


Tix: https://www.trybooking.com/VKQH


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