Why I’m Planning For Women to be the Big Winners in 2017

As I head into final planning, tweaking (& stressing!) mode before my next event, I am struck by the generosity of the women in my network. There is abundance in the air!

To provide context, the 22nd November sees me hosting the final #WWGI event for 2017. Then I go into #WWGI event planning and hosting hiatus until 2018 comes around.

#WWGI Women Who Get It: founder Michelle Redfern
All the W’s in November 2016

I’ve been inundated with female business owners offering amazing, life changing  prizes for the women attending my event. Not much renders me speechless, but I’m pretty close this time. When women decided to support women, it is awesome. So a great big thanks to all these women who have stepped in and stepped up to provide their products and services to make your #WWGI night very, very special.

Keep reading to find out more about whats up for grabs and how to get your ticket to the best event in town for women under a hundred bucks!

Every woman attending WWGI Transition Time is automatically in the draw to win one of these spectacular prizes.

WWGI Major Door Prize 600 x 200
A 3 day Career & Personal Goals Retreat. A luxury adventure weekend away that will kick start your motivational forces. Valued at $3000

WWGI Door Prize Judy 600 x 200WWGI Door Prize Kerry 600 x 200WWGI Door Prize AW 600 x 200

WWGI Door Prize 600 x 200

WWGI Door Prize kavienna 600 x 200

An opportunity to win one of these fabulous prizes, plus receive a show bag stuffed full of wonderful goodies from female owned businesses are yours when you come along to #WWGI “Transition Time”

This evening is put together to provide women with all they ever wanted to know about some of the most important transitions in a woman’s career.

#WWGI functions are fun, informative, inspirational & importantly, very safe (no means girls allowed!)  events for women of all ages, at all stages and from all walks of life.

If you have ever wondered…

  1. How do I get on a board?
  2. How can I get to executive leadership level?
  3. How do I manage my career whilst I’m on maternity leave?
  4. How do I start my own business?

Then this is the event for you.

All inclusive (canapés, wine, prizes & show bags) are only $99 incl GST.


Thank you to all these wonderful women and their businesses of stuffing your #WWGI show bags full of goodies!

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