We are all on a journey right? That is a trite, often used phrase but it is true. Allow me to elaborate because this is not just my opinion.

A little while ago, I assembled a group of my clients and collaborators in Advancing Women HQ to run a design session. I asked them:

  • What do the women who come to my #WWGI events want?
  • What do the women who come to my #WWGI events need?

My advisory group told me that women are constantly transitioning to a next phase, stage or want to transition to a next phase or stage of their life and career. They told me they want me to run an event where women can talk to the women who have gone before them to find out how to navigate these major transitions. They want practical advice, coaching and inspiration.

So all that means WWGI Events are back! This next event is designed by women, facilitated by women, for women, for you, as you navigate some of the most important transitions in your life.

“Transition Time” is a fun, informative, inspirational & practical event for women of all ages, at all stage and from all walks of life.

If  you have ever wondered…

  • How do I get on a board?
  • How can I get to executive leadership level?
  • How do I manage my career whilst I’m on maternity leave, or when I am returning from maternity leave?
  • How do I start my own business?

You do not have to wonder any more!  You can find out!

#WWGI events presents “Transition Time” an event designed to give you all you ever wanted to know about some of the most important transitions in a woman’s life.

I’ve got 8 businesswomen together who are going to run speed coaching circles for the WWGI women in one space, at one time. Here’s who and what:

  1. Jodi & Kate from Circle In: Will talk to you about how to manage parenting & career, including when you are negotiating going in or returning from, maternity leave.
  2. Shanyn Payne (OES) & Claire Seeber (Brand Collective): building my executive career path. How do I accelerate my progress to leadership?
  3. Judy Pridmore & Christie Downes (Handdii): Help, I want to be an entrepreneur! 2 female entrepreneurs who have both left the corporate world and founded their own digital/tech startups.
  4. Merryl Dooley & Sam Hunter (Execs & Board Directors): Women on Boards, how to get there. Merryl and Sam are both experienced executives who have secured board roles to begin their directorship careers.

These women are going to share their wisdom, their experience and provide the answers to your questions. You’re going to get tips, tricks & coaching worth thousands & make connections that are priceless.

As always, this #WWGI event will have facilitated, meaningful networking so don’t forget to bring your business cards! (If you don’t have business cards, you should get them! Contact Lexi Johnstone from Lexi INK Design to get some made)

Plus, our special GI & MJC Creative Images photo booth is back! You can get your LinkedIn headshot done for $50 by the best photographer of women around, Matthew Cook. Samples of his work here

Door Prizes from Judy Pridmore, Sunday Wine Co, Advancing Women & more

Goody Bags stuffed full of gorgeous products from female owned businesses.

Food by Chef Ana from At Mr George’s Table

Wine by Sunday Wine Co


22nd November 6-8:30pm


Fittingly, we are in the Victoria Room at The Queen Victoria Womens Centre, the  iconic Melbourne landmark that testifies to the enduring contribution of women’s enterprise to Victoria’s social, economic and cultural heritage.

210 Lonsdale St, CBD

How Much?

$99 incl GST

Bookings essential:


Please support these businesses and brands who are supporting #WWGI

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