If It’s To Be, It’s Up To Me!

If it’s to be its up to me. These are words that guide me and the reason why I founded this strategic networking group for fabulous, flawesome, feisty females of likemind called “Women Who Get It!”

I initially kicked off this initiative as a Facebook group for my network of fantasticfabulous and feisty female friends to make new connections, learn stuff from each other and gain strategies about how to thrive, not just survive. After the group went from ~100 women to more than 350, (worldwide!!) in two short weeks,  I realised there was an unmet need for women to be able meet in an affordable, accessible and convenient way. So, I knew I had to organise a face to face get together that is friendly & fun, provides learning, development and the opportunity for women with businesses and women managing careers to connect and thrive.

In the words of P!nk…..”its about being alive and feisty and not sitting down and shutting up. Even if people would like you to!”  I’m not sitting down and shutting up, I’m leaning in, stepping up, shouting out and hoping that others will continue to join me.

 Join me as I create spaces and places that are cool, fun, friendly and safe for women to help women.

Michelle is an astute businesswoman & keen entrepreneur who has founded a business to advise women about how to shatter the glass ceiling & be successful, in whatever way they define success. Founded by a woman, run by women, for women and the organisations that employ women. Michelle is a coach, mentor, consultant, runs events & speaks about her vision to create a gender equal world. Michelle’s business supports, advocates, activates and champions women of all ages and stages.

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