What is #WWGI?

WWGI is “Women Who Get It” and was founded by Michelle Redfern in 2016. What started off as a small Facebook group quickly evolved into a thriving ecosystem for women to learn, connect and advance. With an online presence as well as regular events in Melbourne and Sydney, women from all walks of life have psychologically safe, inclusive, high energy, educational, welcoming, no BS spaces and places to advance towards success, however they define success.

#WWGI welcomes women from all walks of life, women of all ages and at all stages of their careers and businesses. There are now nearly 2500 friendly, fantastic females and who are making meaningful, strategic connections and growing their networks, their careers or their businesses. The WWGI ecosystem has enabled women to find new friends, new colleagues,  new jobs, new collaboration partners and hopefully, new investors!

To find out more about the next event, or how to become involved as a sponsor or supporter, visit the WWGI Facebook Page , connect with Michelle or sign up to Michelle’s regular gazette, The Stickybeak Series.

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